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24-7-custom-writing-serviceForensic Science Essay

Forensic Science Assignment



Forensic science refers to the application of scientific processes and methods in solving crimes. Forensic science intertwines with several subjects such as biology, physics, engineering, and chemistry and computer science in solving crime mysteries. For instance, physics can be used in understanding blood spatter patterns; biology can help identify species during forensic investigation and chemistry can be used in knowing the composition of evidence as well as the source of the evidence. This is a course that has received much appreciation in the recent decades. There are different areas of study in forensic science, these are;
Branches of Criminology

Criminalistics; this branch of forensic science focuses on analyzing, comparing, identifying, and interpreting physical evidence after which the results are used in court as evidence.

Engineering science; these scientists are used in forensic investigations due to their ability to solve problems in their area of specialization need in a forensic investigation. These could be sound engineers, construction engineers and so on. Their expertise helps in solving certain mysteries in an investigation.

Anthropology; this entails the recovery, investigation, laboratory analysis and recording of skeletal remains and the evidence collected around the area these remains are found. This investigations help in unveiling the circumstances under which the victims died.

Jurisprudence; forensic scientists under this branch appear in court to give testimony based on the scientific investigation they have conducted.
Pathology, this is a medical practice that performs and analyses autopsies to determine the nature of a person's death in terms of cause and manner. 

General; this is a section of forensic scientists such as engineering forensic scientists whose do not meet the requirements of forensic scientists but contribute to forensic science practices and investigations. 

Toxicology; this is a branch of forensic science that studies the effects of chemicals and drugs on the body in relation to a crime or an event such as death.

Digital and multimedia sciences; this is a forensic examination on digital and multimedia devices in relation to a certain crime.

Questioned documents; this branch of forensic science deals with examination and determination of handwritings, authorships, and signatures in crime investigation

Odontology; this is the application of dentistry (dental knowledge) in identifying the remains of a person in forensic science.

Psychiatry and behavioural science; this is a forensic science branch concerned with the assessment of mental stability or illness in relation to crime...................GET A PLAGIARISM FREE COPY