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24-7-custom-writing-serviceWant to Get a Plagiarism Free Paper?

One of the grievous errors that could endanger any students academic life is plagiarism. As a student having a lot of course units to attend to, homeworks, researches and examination revision, it is very likely for one to get tempted into copy-pasting coursework assignments, researches and reports. Consequences of plagiarism include suspension or worse still, expulsion from college. A plagiarism record may follow you beyond your college and deter you from pursuing any course from other academic institutions.

So what is plagiarism?

Every so often your professors have warned you against plagiarism at the beginning of every course and after assigning you an assignment. So does everyone understand what plagiarism entails? Quite often we think that plagiarism is basically copying and pasting of another person work, a "silly" and lazy mistake we academicians console ourselves we can never fall into right? But hold on, there is much more to the concept of plagiarism than just copying and pasting another person’s work. In a nut-shell plagiarism is presenting another person's work as your own without giving credit to the rightful owner this can happen intentionally or unintentionally.

Types of plagiarism

Plagiarism falls into various categories ranging from the obvious to the not so obvious forms of plagiarism.

  • Deliberate plagiarism

This is intentionally presenting someone else's work as your work. It is also known as direct plagiarism, which is the transcription or copying of a section of someone's work word-for-word without referencing the work or putting quotation marks.

  • Self-plagiarism

This is also very common among students, this entails a student presenting his or her work more than once, such as presenting previous work or mixing sections of previous work without the approval of the professor involved. Often students tend to justify this form of plagiarism since the work credits belong to them. However, academically this is still punishable just like any other form of plagiarism.

  • Patchwork paraphrasing

person often changes the original language and words used, but maintains the original idea, meaning, and structure. Whether this is done deliberately or not, it counts as plagiarism and is punishable.

  • Accidental plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism
This happens when a person fails to cite the source of their work or wrongly quotes the source of their work. Accidental plagiarism does not in any way waiver off the consequences of plagiarism; it is punishable just like all another form of plagiarism.

  1. Copying, quotes, and ideas from other people's works without crediting the owners
  2. Presenting essays not written by them
  3. Failing to put quotation marks on quotes by other people
  4. Changing sentence structures of other peoples sentences without giving credit to the original owners
  5. Presenting one's work more than once
  6. Rampant use of another person's ideas in your work without accrediting the owner

So What if I Plagiarize My Work?

Plagiarism is theft and a display of intellectual illiteracy and punishable by both academic institutions and in other cases by law. Plagiarism could get you expelled from your college and denied entry to any other college or you could have your whole project cancelled.

Yes, it is that serious, and we surely do not want you to fall into such grave consequences. This is why our team of professionals are so keen on ensuring that we deliver to you 100% plagiarism free assignments.

How We Avoid Plagiarism?

Our team has made it easier for you to stay away from plagiarism and its consequences while you are in school. Here are among the steps we follow to ensure that your work is plagiarism free. Our team of writers write your work from scratch no matter how hard or easy, lengthy or short it may be while adhering to the following rules.

  1. The sources of all our notes have to be clearly indicated
  2. All pieces with that have been directly quoted are clearly indicated
  3. No work should have more than 10% of direct quotes as a rule of thumb
  4. No work should be presented more than twice even if it has never been published
  5. No work should be copy-pasted

Tools and Tips Used to Avoid Plagiarism

At CustomEssayPros, there are several tools and tips we use to ensure your work is plagiarism free these include:

  • Reference

Our writers reference all the sources of any quotations used in any work as well as someone else's ideas even when not directly quoted. Despite referencing all work, our team of writers does not entirely depend on the ideas of other people but instead thoroughly research and come up with their ideas and understanding on various topics they are assigned to handle. All direct and indirect quotes whether they are from individuals, books or web articles are properly indicated using quotation marks and well referenced. At the end of every assignment, our professional writers give a clear reference of where the ideas and content of the work have been gotten from as a basic requirement of any assignment.

There is a wide variety of referencing system we use from MLA, APA, HARVARD, and CHICAGO among others. Just state the format you would love your work referenced in, and we will deliver.

  • Turnitin

This is a universal plagiarism checking software most professors use in detecting any form of plagiarism in your assignments. Our team of professionals passes all assignments through this software to ensure that your work is clean before presenting the work back to you.

Our Plagiarism Free Assignments Goal

We at CustomEssayPros endeavour to deliver to you 100% original assignments, and plagiarism free work. We understand the grave consequences of plagiarism, and we certainly cannot afford to have you suffer this at our expense. Kindly if you are not sure of your ability to deliver plagiarism free work, DO NOT take the risk, DO NOT gamble with your grade and academic life. We are here for the sake of your academic excellence, and plagiarised assignments should not come in between you and that good grade or your uninterrupted academic life.